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Chengdu to Build National Modern Service Industry Regional Center in 2015

  Increase in proportion: by 2015, the added value of service industry will take up 52% of Chengdu’s GDP.

  Increase in employment: by 2015, service industry will employ over 60% of the total employed population.

  On Nov 20, Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office released the "Twelfth Five-year" Development Planning of Chengdu Service Industry. Chengdu will spend great effort to develop producer services such as e-commerce, information service and modern logistics that support advanced manufacturing industry; and to promote headquarters economy, financial services, tourism & exhibition, software and service outsourcing industries to achieve the goal of doubled increase of service industry. 

  Development goal: double added value by 2015.

  "The proportion of service industry added value in GDP directly reflects the degree of urban modernization," introduced person in charge of Chengdu Bureau of Commerce. During the "eleventh five-year" period, Chengdu service industry has taken shape with added value increasing by 12.9% annually. In 2010, the total added value of service industry amounted to 278.53-bln yuan, accounting for 50.2% of the GDP.

  The Planning released this time shows that based on achievements during “eleventh five-year” period, Chengdu will accelerate the pace to build a cluster area of modern service industry and municipal strategic functional area with strong capability and prominent function. Pilot projects of service industry comprehensive reform will be promoted to build a mechanism that will support the preferential and high-end development of modern service industry.

  According to the Planning, during the “twelfth five-year” period, the annual growing speed of service industry will reach over 14%. By 2015, the added value of service industry will be doubled compared to that of “eleventh five-year” period, that is to say, occupying more than 52% of Chengdu’s GDP.

  Industries to develop: 12 major industries under three categories – leading, pillar and burgeoning service industries.

  The Planning points out key task of Chengdu service industry during the "twelfth five-year" period, which is to develop 12 major industries under three categories – leading, pillar and burgeoning service industries to upgrade industry level toward high end of the value chain.

  Leading service industry refers to industries that represent the development direction of Chengdu’s economy with great potential, benefit and diffusive power, such as modern logistics and information service industries. According to the Planning, exhibition and cultural industries, which are included in leading industry, will grow by 20% yearly.

  By 2015, revenue of two pillar service industries, commerce and tourism, will amount to 700-bln yuan. Turnover of burgeoning industries such as e-commerce, digital new media, health and environmental protection will exceed 540-bln yuan. “Producer service industry with high added value will take up 50% of the total added value of service industry and a national modern service industry regional center will be set up,” said relevant person in charge of Chengdu Bureau of Commerce.

  In addition, the Planning puts forward that during the "twelfth five-year" period, employment of service industry will grow by 6% annually. By 2015, the service industry will employ more than 4.5-mln people, accounting for over 60% of the employed population of the whole society.

  Development layout: dual-core, three-city and two-belt.

  As a national modern service industry regional center under construction, Chengdu will form a overall spatial layout of “dual-core aggregation, three-city diffusion and two-belt driving” during the “twelfth five-year” period according to the Planning.

  "Dual-core" refers to Chengdu central urban area and Tianfu New Area. Chengdu will plan the interactive development of central urban area and Tianfu New Area as a whole to play its global city high-end service function. "Three-city" mainly includes suburban districts, cities and counties. Three featured service industry functional areas, namely northern trade city, eastern business city and western healthy city, will be formed. "Two-belt" means Longmen Mountain and Longquan Mountain tourism belts. The key is to develop sightseeing and vacation tours.

  Chengdu has already defined 13 municipal strategic functional areas before, eight of which are service industry functional areas. Based on existing planning of types of operation, the Planning makes overall design of spatial and functional layout, providing strong support for the future development of Chengdu’s service industry.  


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