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Sichuan Weaves a Tight Protection Network for Nearly 600,000 Children in Distress

  Sichuan has woven a strong protection network for almost 600,000 orphans, de facto orphans, children who are living on subsistence allowance or in extreme poverty, and others in distress. The province has improved the systems and mechanisms, expanded service content, enhanced the security level and taken measures to care and protect minors, according to Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs.

  As a province with a large population and a large number of migrant workers outside, Sichuan is among the provinces with the largest number of minors and has the largest number of orphans and rural left-behind children in China. The CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Sichuan Province have included children-related work into major content of people's wellbeing guarantee and improvement, and regarded it as an important part for strengthening and innovating social governance. Since 2010, Sichuan has raised the guarantee standards for orphans five times. The current minimum guarantee standards for orphans under centralized and decentralized rearing are 900 yuan and 1,400 yuan/person per month respectively. Since 2019, Sichuan has carried out a welfare lottery-funded orphan education program, with a standard of 10,000 yuan/person per year. From January 2020, Sichuan has included the living security of de facto orphans into the scope of institutionalized security by referring to the orphan guarantee standards.

  In terms of the care for rural left-behind children and children in distress, multiple departments have carried out five programs, namely Support for Children, Protection for Children, Home for Children, Travel for Children and Love for Children, to promote the construction of children care and protection service system in Sichuan from the following five aspects: solidifying basic guarantee, fulfilling guardian responsibilities, enhancing service facilities, optimizing work teams and improving service level.

  Starting from June 1, the newly revised Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors has come into force. Sichuan has established a minor protection coordination mechanism led by the Governor and defined the following main tasks: to revise the Regulations of Sichuan Province on the Protection of Minors; set up a minor protection discussion and coordination mechanism at the provincial, municipal and county levels; plan a series of publicity activities about the law on the protection of minors; build a number of minor aid and protection institutions or innovatively transform children welfare institutions in cities and counties, set up minor protection workstations in townships, and integrate and establish a number of standard children service centers in villages (communities); cooperate with the 12345 hotline to open and operate a minor protection hotline and coordinate the construction of a minor protection information platform.

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