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Snow Leopard Family Spotted in Wolong National Nature Reserve Again

  On July 18, the Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration released annual monitoring images for wild snow leopards, including six videos. The camera captured the snow leopard family (snow leopard is hailed as "recluse in snow mountains"), including three cubs and their mother. This is the second time the reserve has spotted a leopard family after images of another leopard family were shot in August 2017.

  The infrared camera capturing the snow leopard family was set at an altitude of about 3,800 meters in Yinchanggou Valley in the reserve. Shot on December 21 and December 24 of last year, the videos show that the mother was on her way to a natural shelter in the snowfield, and stopped to sniff the rocks. Her three cubs followed. And the mother also marked the place for their shelter.

  In recent years, infrared cameras have been deployed in the reserve covering an area of about 438 square kilometers. These cameras cover eight habitats and potential habitats of snow leopards. According to the current data analysis, the distribution density of snow leopards in this reserve is higher than that in other habitats in China.

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