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Overall Plans for Heizhu Valley Was Approved

  As a National 4A scenic spot, Heizhu Valley, mysterious and dangerous, accepts no travel agents due to its limited reception force. But this condition would be improved. On December 20, Overall Plans for Heizhu Valley Scenic Spot (Revision) (2013-2025) was approved by Sichuan Provincial Government. Heizhu Valley is planning to develop geomagnetic tourism.

  Heizhu Valley is called Chinese Bermuda for its mysterious geomagnetic changes which could make the dove lost and the compass substantial derivation. Mr. Guo Yuncheng, director of Heizhu Valley Management Commission, told the reporters that Heizhu Valley is an original forest canyon of 575 square kilometers. The hinterland remains mostly unexploited, including geomagnetic area. Once called the killer, the geomagnetic changes will be less harmful in the age of GPS. More standardized guidance, management and alerts will avoid visitors entering in the no man’s land. In the future, geomagnetic travel will become the most attractive highlight here.

  In order to protect the natural environment, it is planned to let tourists travel in the valley and live outside the valley. Strict control of construction in Scenic Spot will be performed. Tourist service facilities, including 5 hotels, a base for Self-Drive Drivers and heliports and so on, will be built at the mouth of the Scenic Spot.

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