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Sichuan Tourism Strives for 580 Billion Yuan

     In the past 2014, Sichuan tourism was again at a new historical height. In the new year, the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government put forward new demands for Sichuan provincial tourism industrial development. 2015 Sichuan Tourism Work Conference proposed specifically that the overall tourism avenue of Sichuan in 2015 would strive for 580 billion, a year-on-year growth of 18%, and continually promote the quality and comprehensive profits in order to achieve the comprehensive goals of “the 12th Five-Year Plan”.

     Focusing on major areas

     In accordance with the requirements of 2015 Sichuan Tourism Work Conference, Sichuan will focus on “one concentration”, “two belts” and “four areas” and highlight major areas.

     In the mid-January, 2015, New York Times listed Top 52 the most worth traveling cities in the world. Chengdu was on the list and there were only two cities in enlisted in China. In accordance with the requirements of 2015 Sichuan Tourism Work Conference, Chengdu will continue to play the first and central city role and build as “world tourism destination”.

     Currently, Chengdu has established tourism experiencing centers in Taiwan, South Korea and so on, build an official English website, CometoChengdu, to comprehensively promote tourism, and elaborate “72 hours transit visa-free” policy. Based on these, Chengdu will perform International practices and standard systems in 2015 to integrate into international tourism market industrial chains, and gradually achieve the change from an international regional tourism destination to a global tourism destination.

     Mr. Duan Chengzhu, vice secretary general of Chengdu Municipal Government indicated that Chengdu would fully play the brand effects of the culinary capital of the world and influential exhibition city in China, crate cultural tourism resources such as giant pandas, Shu embroidery, Bashu and so on, and build a batch of high-quality tourism sites, routes and products. Meanwhile, Chengdu would also promote internationalization of tourism facilities, tourism marketing, and tourism service so as to make more contributions for the construction Sichuan into a global tourism destination.

     “Two belts” refer to Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Meishan, Leshan Tourism Economic Belt and Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Belt. These two belts are built into regional tourism alliance to enhance cluster development of regional tourism elements, including cultural experience of “Three Kingdoms”, adventures of “Shu Roads”, Buddhism culture, salt culture and so on.

     “Four areas” include numerous projects such as Sichuan Tibetan tourism, Southern Sichuan city leisure tourism, Ya’an ecological and cultural tourism integration development trial area, China sunshine health tourism city, Sichuan and Shaanxi green ecological corridor, revolutionary cultural corridor, Qinba national park and so on.

     Ensuring contracted investment of 200 Billion Yuan

     On January 16th, 2015, “Big Emei” International Tourism Region (Hongya) Development and Construction Project, invested in a total of 4 billion yuan of Meishan, was started to build. A week later, Mount Emei Tainchi Wenyuan Project invested in a total of 4 billion was also started to build. All of these indicate Sichuan would continue the strong momentum of “contracted investment year” of 2015. More excitingly, China International Tourism Investment Conference will be opened in Sichuan, which would play a important impetus role for tourism investment of Sichuan.

     On the basis of great achievements in tourism investment promotion and project construction, the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government required to focus on major tourism projects and investment promotion, and put forward the goal of “ensuring contracted investment of 200 billion yuan on the 2015 Sichuan Tourism Work Conference. 

    In accordance with conference spirit and work arrangements, relevant departments of Sichuan will further innovate tourism investment promotion work mechanism, accelerate to explore tourism socialization investment promotion pattern, host a series of grand festival activities, implement tourism investment activities of “inviting in” and “going global”, strengthen tourism investment promotion strength, apply with new media such as the Internet to undergo online investment promotion and ensure the tourism contracted investment of 100 billion yuan by the end of 2015.

      Meanwhile, Sichuan will sort out and launch 100 major tourism projects, plan, package and launch 30 provincial major projects with investment over 1 billion yuan. Sichuan strive to start 300 tourism projects, continue to construct 700 projects, finish 200 projects, reserve 400 projects and ensure to complete tourism investment of 100 billion yuan.

      In terms of tourism financing channels, Sichuan will continue to strengthen tourism investment strategic cooperation with financial institutes such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China to enlarge their support for the construction of tourism major projects. It is worth mentioning that Sichuan will accelerate to promote the establishment of “Sichuan Tourism Industry Fund” to attract more social capital to participate into tourism development and construction.

     Excellent projects promoting industrial upgrading

     Sichuan will focus on implement 6 excellent tourism projects including tourism brands, rural tourism enhancement, integration of cultural tourism, tourism excellent routes, tourism product promotion, tourism public service and so on to promote industrial upgrading.

     In accordance with relevant requirements, all the 5A level scenic spots in Sichuan will comprehensively implement Sichuan Provincial Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Level Promotion Standards (A+ Standards) and Scenic Spot Response Standards for Tourist Rush Hours (A ++ Standards) to ensure the upgrading of traditional industries. Meanwhile, all the scenic spots will take advantage of brand influence as world heritage and national level tourism resources to create and promote a new batch of International brands and excellent scenic spots. Sichuan will also promote a total of 200 county rural demonstration projects of provincial, municipal and county levels to create a new rural tourism to promote the contiguous development of rural tourism and create national and provincial poverty alleviation areas. Sichuan will strengthen the deep integration development of cultural and acting industries with tourism, fasten to construct Ya’an national eco-cultural integration development area, and support all the scenic spots above 4A level to design cultural display projects with distinctive features. Sichuan will focus on creating national excellent routes such as big Shangri-La ring road, Giant panda ecological tourism ring road, and South Silk Road Travel and so on, implement the upgrading plans for Sichuan tourism brands, cultivate and design a batch of Sichuan tourism products with distinctive Sichuan flavors, and vigorously implement enhancing projects of tourism infrastructure and public service including roads of scenic spots, leisure infrastructures, wisdom tourism, emergency mechanisms, self-driving system and so on.

     Mr. Huang He, vice director of Sichuan Reform and Developments Commission, said that Sichuan would promote and cultivate sports leisure, healthy tourism, industrial tourism, agricultural tourism, wisdom tourism and other new tourism forms, treat industrial integration as new growth pole of tourism industry, break the boundaries of first, secondary and tertiary industries, promote to construct big tourism, grand market and distinctive industry, and crate “Sichuan tourism” with Sichuan flavors.

     Expanding inbound market vigorously

     2015 Sichuan Tourism Work Conference formulated the goal for inbound tourism including 2.7 million arrivals of inbound and stay-over and a year-on-year growth of 10%. Based on this goal, Sichuan will launch a series of marketing activities targeted at overseas.

     According to Sichuan Province Trail Measures for Awarding Inbound Tourism issued by Office of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Sichuan will award 300 yuan per visitor for companies which organize visitors to visit Sichuan by chartered airplane in the following 2 years, and award 200 to 110 thousand yuan for top 10 Sichuan tourist agencies which have received the most inbound tourists. Meanwhile, Sichuan will also provide relevant award and subsidies for foreign visitors to issue the advertisements of Sichuan tourism products and sell Sichuan tourism products and for domestic and foreign companies to organize promotional activities for Sichuan tourism products in foreign counties.

     Not only this poly but also several major International marketing activities also indicate the determination of Sichuan tourism in international marketing.

     Last November, Sichuan planned elaborately and exhibited a grand International marketing project, “Walking South Silk Road and Traveling the Hometown of Giant Pandas -- Relative Visit Tour of European Giant Panda Fans. Currently, Giant Panda fans recruitment activities have been initiated in 6 European countries including England, France, Spanish, Germany, Austria, and Belgium. 12 lucky winners will have the opportunities to drive past 15 countries to visit Sichuan, the hometown of the giant panda and enjoy a lifetime free self driving travel. The activity has attract much attention of travel lovers and media at home and abroad from the very beginning of this activity, and gain enough attention for Sichuan tourism.

     Besides, Global Marketing for Searching for Famous Restaurants of Sichuan Cuisine and World Cuisine Capital”, outbound marketing activities such as Sichuan outbound direct flight city tourism marketing, 2nd Sichuan International Tourism Trade Exhibition Fair, 2015 China Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival, 4th Global Tourism Online Operator Cooperation Exchange Meeting and so on will highlight Sichuan’s International level.

     Constructing “Satisfactory Sichuan” in accordance with law

     Ruling tourism in accordance with law is of vital importance to the healthy development of tourism. On Sichuan Tourism Work Conference, Sichuan made it clear for the first time that Sichuan would regulate tourism in accordance with law to establish Sichuan a good image of “civilized and orderly” tourism and create “satisfactory Sichuan”tourism service brand in China.

     Reporters learned from the Conference that Sichuan would establish and perfect regularly releasing mechanism against illegal behaviors, increase the intensity of exposure and severely punish companies or persons that visitors complaint most, cause disorder of tourism market and exert great social influence, implement black-list system, and combine with industrial and commercial departments, financial departments, and tourism departments to integrate illegal information of operators into credit displaying platform of industrial and commercial and financial systems.

     Mr. Hao Kangli, director of Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, indicated that this move would eradicate the hiding places for illegal tourism companies or employees, pay high price for tourism dishonesty and have significant values for enhancing tourism honesty level and service quality.

      Another important measure is the deep promotion for tourism standardization. In 2015, Sichuan will enhance A+ and A ++ standards in scenic spots of Sichuan to upgrade service quality and emergency safeguarding capacity. At the same time, Sichuan will implement tourism local standards and industrial specifications to shape tourism brands and enhance tourism quality. According to relevant requirements, Sichuan will lower down the levels of scenic spots and hotels which provide unsatisfying service and receive most complaints.

     It is particularly worth mentioning that in terms of tourist satisfaction survey and complaints handling, Sichuan will resort to information methods, such as online evaluation, and APP feedback, upgrading sampling into universal involvement. These methods will not only make the tourist satisfaction data more reliable and scientific, but also provide important guides on enhancing Sichuan tourism service quality.

      Besides, Sichuan will create a provincial-wide civilized tourism environment to promote tourism operators to manage and serve in a civilized manner and guide visitors to travel in a civilized manner.

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